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Client Reviews

In addition to many reviews about our personal service and attention, we have received reviews from clients from all types of personal injury case such as car accidents, pedestrian, dog bites, scarring, and various unsafe premises. To read reviews similar to your type of potential claim, please see our Avvo reviews.
Here are a few general samples:


“He did everything he promised and more.”

I would like to thank Scott Goldberg for the representation that was above and beyond what I expected. Mr. Goldberg was clever, extremely professional, comforting and always kept me informed during the process. It was apparent to me that he cared about the outcome almost as much as I did. Mr. Goldberg did everything he promised and more. I was proud to have him as my lawyer.

– Sharol V. (5 star review)

“He immediately paid attention to the particulars of my incident.”

I was recommended to Attorney Scott D Goldberg by a colleague. From the very beginning, I knew that Attorney Goldberg was the attorney for me because he immediately paid attention to the particulars of my incident. With his knowledge and expertise, he was able to explain complicated legal terms to me so that I would understand and he directed my case to a successful ending for me and my family. I have recommended him to friends and family members and to those I know who are in need of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.

– Gilbert A. (5 star review)

“I received a settlement that exceeded my expectations.”

Attorney Goldberg handled a case where my dogs and I were bitten by a large stray dog. He fully discussed my case and strategy patiently, fully explaining the law and what my options were. He resolved my case and I received a settlement that exceeded my expectations. Throughout the process, Attorney Goldberg and his assistant Marie were diligent, realistic and professional. I strongly recommend their practice.

– Elizabeth R. (5 star review)

“Scott is a very attentive lawyer to you and to all of your needs.”

Scott is a very attentive lawyer to you and to all of your needs.  He is also very caring and personable to all of his clients, which is very important during the time of your loss or personal injury. He is very professional and I would strongly recommend him to everyone.

– Shirley S. (5 star review)

“Scott is an exceptional, bright, brilliant warrior.”

Scott is an amazing lawyer who never loses focus on any case he handles – and he handles each client with equality and humanism. He will sit with you and lay out everything before, during, and after your particular legal issue. I got the very best settlement I could have asked for and I am very happy.

– Juanita M. (5 star review)

“I don’t know what I would have done without him!”

I had no idea how to go about finding the right lawyer to represent me. I did an online search and found Attorney Goldberg. He is extremely thorough and professional.  He always kept me updated on what was going on, and returned my phone calls and emails promptly.   Attorney Goldberg is the BEST of the best!  I don’t know what I would have done without him!

– Huong N. (5 star review)

“He knows how to deal with an insurance company that was uncooperative.”

Attorney Goldberg always kept me informed about my case and its progress, and he did an excellent job .  He had to work hard and know how to deal with an insurance company that was uncooperative. He kept on them till they started to communicate on a regular basis and to get the result I wanted. I am very glad to have hired Attorney Goldberg and would again in a heartbeat.

– Kenneth W. (5 star review)

“Scott is now and will always be my go-to guy.”

I found Scott by doing a ton of research online (Google, Avvo, etc) and his reviews looked amazing, so I decided to give him a shot. His knowledge and expertise in personal injury case is well beyond intelligent. He is very detailed oriented and I was kind of surprised that he was able to show me the breakdown of every penny spent and received. He is now and will always be my go-to guy when I need an attorney for personal injury cases. Thank you, Scott.

– Karan A. (5 star review)

“Scott is kind…and a force to be reckoned with.”

Without warning, a car crossed lanes and struck me head-on.  My injuries were numerous and  extensive.  My friends suggested that Scott Goldberg be my attorney and since then I have never regretted it. He is more than an excellent Attorney, he is thorough in his research, knowledgeable, clear in defining the parameters and objectives, and determined in his desire to make sure the best solution is found.  In the end, I received a substantial settlement.  Equally important, Scott is kind and understanding of one’s needs, considerate, compassionate – and a force to be reckoned with.  Simply put, Scott Goldberg is an incredible lawyer and human being who gets the job done and I highly recommend him.  

– Wanda L. (5 star review)

“I have never felt the kind of closeness and attention that I felt with Scott….”

I was injured in a major accident when I was stopped in traffic. You would think this would be a simple matter, but when the insurance companies get into things they seldom work out that way.  Every step of the way Scott and his office were there to answer questions, or go over the status of the situation. I have dealt with lawyers before, and I have never felt the kind of closeness and attention that I felt with Scott and his office.  Emails were answered promptly, and anything more than a simple answer I would get a phone call. I have a very busy schedule, and Scott accommodated me every step of the way. I believe the insurance companies were trying to test us to see the level of commitment my attorney and I had to the case, and not once did Scott back off. He made strong movements to show how serious we were, and it paid off. I hope I never find myself in that situation again, but if I do, I know I have someone that will fight for me.

– Michael R. (5 star review)

“I could not imagine hiring a better attorney.”

My husband recommended Scott D. Goldberg to me. Prior to that, Scott obtained a very good settlement for my stepson after a horrific car accident.  From day one, Scott emits confidence, competence, and caring about you. He and his staff are very patient in explaining every relevant detail of your case, while conveying important concepts in plain English.  As with my stepson’s case, Scott’s professionalism and patience resulted in a very good settlement for me. I could not imagine hiring a better attorney.

– Maria M. (5 star review)

“Calling Scott was the best decision I could have made.”

I was searching the internet for a personal injury attorney when I came upon Attorney Scott Goldberg’s website.  After viewing many other sites, I decided to call him.  At this point, a year and a half had already passed since my accident – a multi-vehicle crash involving a tractor- trailer truck. I was represented by another attorney whom I felt was not focused on my case.  Calling Scott was the best decision I could have made. He agreed to take over my case and from day one with Scott, I felt informed and relieved.   Scott was 100% hands-on every step of the way and because of this, I feel certain that the settlement he obtained for me was absolutely the best possible outcome and I couldn’t be more pleased. If you decide to call Attorney Scott Goldberg to represent you, he and his very talented legal staff will take the time to get to know you and every detail of your case. Scott truly cares about his clients!

– Lisa N. (5 star review)

“I will definitely refer Scott to all my family and friends.”

I had a great experience with Scott on my car accident case. He’s very organized, listened to every details, and always showed his professionalism.   He keep me informed about the case in detail and what he was planning to do next. We ended up with a great settlement. I will definitely refer Scott to all my family and friends.

– Siu Y. (5 star review)

“Attorney Goldberg … kept me at ease.”

Attorney Goldberg got me great results and I was extremely pleased with the outcome. He kept me informed along the way and kept me at ease. I would recommend Attorney Goldberg if you are searching for a personal injury attorney.

– Joseph K., (5 star review)

“Scott … was always available to answer any of my questions.”

I was struck by a car while crossing the street in the crosswalk and hurt badly and I was referred to Scott Goldberg by my family.  Scott always kept me informed of what was happening in my case and was always available to answer any of my questions. Scott is honest and knowledgeable and always uses his best judgment. I would hire him again if necessary and refer him to my family and friends.

– Jennifer M.

“I believe you will find lawyer Goldberg to be responsive to your questions and concerns….

I am a senior citizen who was struck by a car in crosswalk. I realized that I needed a lawyer to protect my interests but I didn’t know one. In a marvelous stroke of luck I had chosen lawyer Goldberg to represent me.  He and I worked closely together.  As a result of the experience I had with my case I believe you will find lawyer Goldberg to be receptive and responsive to your questions and concerns, and  knowledgeable, experienced, prepared, committed and diligent.  The final result of his effort on my behalf was a joyful judgment in my favor.

– Vincent C.

“Scott … guided me in a reassuring and calming manner through an exhausting and stressful process.”

I am so fortunate to have connected with this patient, smart, determined, skillful, kind, and fair man.  My extremely painful injuries resulted from a car incident that was very difficult to prove and the auto insurer seemed quite determined to wear us out.  Attorney Goldberg explained everything clearly to me at every step throughout.  We won a settlement that brought me some financial security, and has made my new life as a disabled person the best it can be under the circumstances.  It was a blessing to meet Scott, who calmly guided me in a reassuring and calming manner through an exhausting and stressful process. I know there are no guarantees, but I most highly recommend engaging Scott and his firm as your attorney to fight for you — you will work with a trustworthy, intelligent, persistent man (and team) who is very sharp and on his game. If there is ever anything else I need, I will turn only to Attorney Goldberg for legal counsel.

– Cynthia P.

“Scott was very kind and caring….I highly recommend him.”

My daughter was attacked by a dog and left with several scars. Scott was engaged to handle this personal injury case and we ended up with a very good settlement. He more than paid for his fee and we netted more than I was being offered on my own. He was very kind and caring when dealing directly with my daughter. I also like the fact the he was extremely practical. I highly recommend him.

– Kathleen P.

“Honesty and integrity… that’s who Scott is.”

I was referred to Scott by a relative and close family friend that stated he would look out for me, and more truer words were never spoken. I didn’t think I’d group the words honesty, integrity and attorney in the same sentence but that’s who Scott is, he visibly loves what he does and represents his clients with drive and passion while ensuring that you fully comprehend the journey you embark upon together every step of the way. “Thank You Scott” hardly seems to suffice.

– Sonjia C.

“I will always remember his dedication to me as his client.”

I am a Police Officer who suffered tremendous pain from an injury in an on-duty motor vehicle accident, but with Scott’s help I was able to get fully compensated.  No matter what they threw at him during the arbitration, they were no match for his wit and skill.  And with the advice, I was able to avoid being in debt from medical bills, and lost detail and overtime earnings.  Attorney Goldberg is truly a credit to his profession and I will always remember his dedication to me as his client.

– Police Officer David M.

“I would recommend Scott to anyone seeking injury representation.”

Scott was recommended to me by a close friend, and he was highly competent and effective in handling my personal injury case.  I was very pleased with the result we got and I would recommend him to anyone seeking injury representation.

– Seth R.

“I can offer no greater testamonial other than I have hired Scott for a second case.”

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident while working at my job and sustained injuries. Some other complications were involved. Scott was very organized, professional, and concise. More importantly, Scott was right on target of all information he passed on to me. I can offer no greater testamonial other than I have hired Scott for a second case. Scott’s assistant was also very helpful, professional, and courteous.

– Robert G.

“Scott took excellent care of me….”

Scott took excellent care of me during a difficult and important time in my life. Trustworthiness and security were extremely important to me, as I had been involved with another lawyer who had neglected my case to the point it was to be denied by the courts. Scott took over this three year case that was going nowhere and had to start from scratch with all documents and discovery. He thoroughly and expediently saw to all the details, and was able to provide outstanding counsel which ensured a positive outcome in our case.

– Kris A.

“Scott…gives me a priceless piece of mind.”

I have worked with Scott on two different cases and he has always exceeded my expectations of communication, commitment, professionalism, and due diligence. Scott is extraordinarily skilled at critical thinking, problem-solving, strategizing, and negotiating. He’s extremely knowledgeable, sharp, witty, and quick on his feet, and he knows when to play nice and when to turn on the heat.  Scott keeps me well-informed and is very patient in explaining things I don’t understand….Scott knows what he’s doing and that gives me a priceless peace of mind. You can’t pay a lawyer to give you that peace. That peace comes from trusting and knowing that I feel that have the best lawyer in Boston.

– Lucy A.

“I would wholeheartedly recommend Scott to others.”

While riding my bicycle, I  was sideswiped by a car. The impact from the crash resulted in a double fracture of my pelvis. I was hospitalized overnight, missed time from work, and endured several months of physical therapy.  I knew that it is usually difficult for a cyclist to prevail in a case  against a car driver.  In fact, in my case, the accident report did not accurately reflect what happened. I wanted to learn about my legal options, so I contacted Attorney Scott Goldberg.   Scott thoroughly explained to me, and  he was very helpful in making sure I understood the alternative strategies available to me. Despite the challenge, Scott was able to secure a settlement on my behalf, and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to others.

– Ralph W.

“Scott is a caring man and excellent lawyer.”

I was referred to Attorney Goldberg by another excellent Boston attorney who said, “Scott will not let you down.”  At the time, that seemed like an overstatement to me – but it wasn’t. Scott Goldberg is a caring man and an excellent lawyer – technically, tactically, and strategically. He and his team made me feel as if I was their only case. His reassuring and calming manner, humor and compassion, and above all, integrity and intelligence set me perfectly at ease and I knew that I had found the right attorney for my complicated automobile (Uninsured Motorist) accident claim. Scott always conveyed that I mattered personally, not just as a case to be won. After three years of perseverance, and against very high odds, we did win, too! And that win has helped me move on with more hope so that I can find ways to enjoy my life despite the permanent physical problems I have to endure.

– Cynthia P.

“I strongly recommend him.”

Scott Goldberg has integrity and tenacity. He is knowledgeable and experienced. He is also kind and fair. I had a car accident and was getting a rough time from the insurance company who were not responding to my calls or letters. Scott was able to quickly turn this around and bring the case to a quick and very satisfactory conclusion. I strongly recommend him

– Denise D.

“Scott is a very caring person, and it helps a lot….”

Scott listens very carefully and he doesn’t miss a single detail. He is a very caring person, and it helps a lot while dealing with the stress of the case. As an outstandingly knowledgeable and experienced lawyer who is also persistent and fair, Scott has a high rate of success. He is always well prepared and he doesn’t miss even the tiniest detail. Scott has a gift of forceeing possible outcomes of the case, and he instructs you, and prepares you so that the outcome is the most favourable. He is simply the best. Thank you Scott!

– Al

“Scott was supremely reassuring.”

I found Scott through his website and decided to meet with him. He seemed to be a reliable, responsible, and honest attorney.  I was immediately comfortable, and he was supremely reassuring that he would do everything within his power to help compensate me and win my case.  Scott is everything he seemed to be on his website.  I couldn’t be any happier with his work, the results of my case, and the settlement that he got me.

– Dan M.



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