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The firm is proud to announce that after completing the undergraduate program in 2018, in February 2020 Attorney Goldberg obtained  a Masters Certificate from the Keenan Trial Institute. Attorney Goldberg is only the 3rd attorney in Massachusetts to reach this accomplishment.

Also, in February, the firm hired Niamh (pronounced “Neeve”) Roarty as the firm’s new secretary.

Attorney Goldberg lead a round-table discussion for the Mass. Academy of Trial Attorneys entitled “Positive ways to work remotely during Covid-19.”

For the 5th consecutive year Attorney Goldberg has been named a Presidential Appointee to the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys’ (MATA) Executive Committee. The Committee is composed of 17 MATA members including its Officers. Scott looks forward to contributing to the organization’s ongoing commitment to protecting the rights of the public and helping to keep the community safe. Scott will also continue to serve on MATA’s Board of Governors.

August 1st marks the firm’s 26th anniversary. Thank you to all our clients – past (we still consider you our clients) and present – for granting us the privilege of representing you through your difficult times. Without your confidence we could not accomplish what we do. Also, thank you to our colleagues, friends, and family for your trust in referring loved ones to us so that we can help them.




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